Executive Search

The investment in Human capital is an important investment at any company. In Addition to the employee’s skills and qualifications, the ability of the employed to fit into the company culture is also essential to the expression of the employee’s capabilities for the most efficient performance.


At Kimberley Consulting, your company is important to us. Our executive search philosophy is that there is more to finding to right candidate for the position than simply matching skills and talents. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our client to supply executives who will excel at their positions and also fit into client’s corporate culture and share its vision.


As our clients, you will experience a customized executive search service tailored to your company’s needs and culture. Our Consultants will take the time thoroughly understand your company’s culture and the position’s requirements and qualification. With this knowledge, we will assess candidates based not only on their experiences and qualifications, but also on how they will fit into your company. As a result of our candidate assessment, we save you valuable time.


Historically, Kimberley Consulting presents only 3-5 highly qualified candidates to our clients. Because of our deep understanding of our client’s expectations, the candidates that we are present are all very well suited to the company, resulting on high job offers, acceptance, job performance and customer satisfaction rates.


Kimberley consulting proves our selves on providing our clients with efficient and cost-effective services. We aim to build a long-lasting relation relationship with our clients.